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Thursday, June 25, 2009

jax on the move

asah took some cute pics with his phone the other day. thought i'd share them. little man is everywhere these days. today i heard crying but could not find him. he was stuck under a chair in the kitchen. he's enjoying discovering every corner, and a constant reminder that my floors are never clean enough!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

we love summertime!


Monday, June 22, 2009

bottle convert

for the first (almost 10) months of his life, we really could not get jax to take a bottle. it would be hit or miss, but he mostly nursed the entire time. i didnt mind it, but there were days i'd wish he'd take a bottle so i could leave the house for an extended period of time or just be assured that he'd take a bottle and go to sleep for asah at bedtime. well, the ear infection this past week changed all that. for 3 days he took no liquids, but when he felt like drinking again, to my surprise, he wanted nothing to do with me, but only a bottle or cup. so here we are, weaned at 10 months but i refuse to buy i'm going to become friends with the pump for the next 2 months to see if we can make the magic one year mark or beyond. i'd be lying if i said i wasnt sad that he's done nursing, it was such a special time and means that he's growing up. but part of me likes how "easy" it was to wean him and that he's becoming more independant. i love this kid. and he now loves his bottles!

no hands!

upside down even!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

one of those weeks........


saturday night: a/c broke. same thing happened a year ago, capicitor got to 89 degrees inside on sunday, but we were able to find someone to come out and repair it on a Sunday afternoon.

Monday: Jordan and I got a stomach virus.

Tuesday: Jax was fussier than normal, up many times during the night and could not be consoled. completely stopped nursing.

Wednesday: early trip to the pediatrician with Jaxon. Ear infection (bad one) and tonsilitis. put on 2 antibiotics.

Thursday: it's been over 48 hours since jaxon nursed. he will not take a bottle or sippy cup either. super worried that he'll get dehydrated!

so, theres our week so far. please pray that things get a bit better. this mom's had about all i can take! praying lots for jaxon....also praying for financial provision....lots of medical bills and repair bills this month. good thing we had a yard sale...and so much for "fun" money! it is definitely for covering these emergency expenses we've had. but God provided. even ahead of the need.

asah read me this last night before bed. sort of joking, but mostly serious!

"the Lord will not allow the righteous to hunger....." prov 10:3

we trust and wait on Him.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new steakhouse in town! woo hoo!

we were treated to dinner saturday by gram, who was in town for a visit. it had been awhile since we'd been to dinner with both boys...probably not since asah's mom was in town. (i see a trend here....) anyway, we had fun trying out the new place...and while it's had mixed reviews, I'd recommend it! they were super fast considering they'd been open less than a week and have "call ahead" seating which puts you at the top of the list upon arrival. it's called Santa Fe Steakhouse over in the "new mall" area of town.

jaxon is munching on pretty much everything these days and enjoyed a variety of foods from our plates. i cannot believe how fast he's growing.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

just like daddy

jordan decided to give shaving a try this morning. asah used the regular gillette mach turbo, jordan used one of mommy's pink disposeables with the sheild firmly in place. he had fun.


the jaxon crawl

asah and i both think this is pretty funny. he keeps one leg up the entire time he crawls. but at least we're crawling. now the real fun begins.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009


the boys are enjoying it. i'm leading recreation this week...they're hanging out in the nursery. next year J will be old enough for the pre-k class.

let me just say that it's been around 10 years since I've led rec. I can tell i'm closing in on 30 this year. it's exhausting and my body hurts ! sometimes i join in with the groups that dont have enough people and we did relays today and i thought i was gonna die!

i get the boys out of the nursery in time for the Closing Assembly. Jordan thinks he's the assistant Song leader. (must watch video!!!) It's super cute though. this is likely their 1st of many many many vbs's. i sure do love these boys.

this is how we ALL feel at the end of the day. the three of us race home for long naps!


Saturday, June 06, 2009

yard sale!

yard sale break with the neighbors. he loved playing with the older kids.

jordan's elephant almost got sold because he brought it outside. people are pretty intense at these things!

"make offer" ha ha

we had a neighborhood yard sale today. so much fun! we were outside for about 5 hours total and the boys did great. jordan had so much fun playing with all the neighbors and jaxon had fun being cute. we netted $300 even from the sale....pretty incredible because it was all just stuff gathering dust inside our house. instead of doing what we "should do" with the $$ (payoff some debt, put it in savings, etc) we split it down the middle ($150 each) and can do whatever we want with it. it has been so long since we've been able to shop for clothes, or splurge on anything that we really wanted. I am so giddy and have no idea what to do with mine. I'm sure asah is dreaming of his next electronic purchase :) I hope this becomes an annual event because it was a ton of fun and asah is a GREAT salesman!!!!!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

what's new?

sorry for the picture-less post. i just havent taken too many new pics lately. i thought a general update would be good though. first lets look at our family's weekly summer schedule. it's a doozy!

M-Tara works for a client
Tu-Asah doing Marriage Counseling
We-Tara at Women's Small Group
Th-Asah leads Men's Small group at our house
Fr-sometimes Tara works at Parents Night out at North Cypress, other nights we steal away some family time
Su-Church stuff usually

WOW. This summer is going to be crazy busy. June 14 is a date that we'd ask you to please keep in your prayers, at our church Member's Meeting we'll be voting on the move to a BUILDING. wow! our very own facility to worship in!!!! it's been over 5 years now since Crossroads launched, and we've been with Crossroads now for around 4 years. Since that time we've attempted to get into two buildings. The first was heavily damaged by Katrina. The 2nd was wrapped up in some red tape with the Fire Marshall and we just couldnt make it work. After being locked in a lease for 3 years with that place, the lease is finally up and God has provided a wonderful used to house a 2 screen movie theater but The Mission Church renovated it into a great place to Worship. We are way beyond excited at the possibility of moving 7 Sundays if all goes well. Please pray for our Church as we seek God's direction in this.

Jordan news: He's wowing me daily with his ability to memorize and retain. He now has 4 scriptures memorized. Gen 1:1; John 3:16, Eph 6:1, and Prov 3:5. I love to hear him recite God's Word. He's doing great on the potty, loves the pool this summer and his kind heart really challenges me to do the same. I love this little guy!

Jax: I still cant believe he's 9 months. He is so close to crawling that I expect it any day now. Just yesterday he started saying "Da-Da" when Asah walks in a room, so I know he knows what that means and associates it now. He is also waving Bye Bye and it's the cutest thing ever. I will try to get it on video.
Last night for supper he ate about 4 oz of pureed green beans mixed with cereal an ENTIRE dinner roll broken into pieces and a whole thing of applesauce. He can eat, and eat, and eat. He is still nursing about 3 x a day but I think he's beginning to wean himself. He does not yet drink from a cup though so I'm trying to make it to the one year mark....we'll see.

We'll be in GA end of June/early July to visit and then again at the end of August for someones FIRST birthday (unbelievable!).

love to all.