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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Highlights...Thanksgiving 06'

when the pack and play won't do...just kick mom out of bed.

lovin the ducks!

playing with doggies for the 1st time...

uncle tyler and jordan

thanksgiving day

what's left of a biter biscuit

aunt taylor and uncle tyler and jordan

meeting cousins for the first time...

never seen one of these alive before...

oh Christmas tree!

peek a boo!



under the weather....

i'm guessing our return to LA sparked sickness in the household (change in weather maybe?)
whatever the cause jordan and asah aren't feelin' great.

here's a list of what jordan has:
dbl ear infection
throat/sinus infection

asah is just coughing a lot...

i'm one tired momma! jordan coughs all night long and it doesn't wake him but it wakes me so i move to the couch to turn off the monitor and let asah rest then i hear a coughing symphony between asah and jordan.

i guess i should be sleeping now since the rest of my house still is. i hope we are all well soon!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

roog a faxa

that's sereer for God is so good. sometimes a little Sereer i learned while in Africa just pops in my head, and all day long i've been singing "God is so good" in Sereer. Funny, huh? Well, there's plenty of reasons to sing!
We had a wonderful time with family over Thanksgiving. It was relaxing and good to be both in Bainbridge with Asah's family and Tifton/Omega with mine. Jordan did great and was a "trooper" for both long trips there and back. While he's snoozing away for the night I thought I'd update the much neglected blog.

First, I'm blown away by God's goodness to us. I know that most know that I am now a stay at home mommy, which comes down to the fact that we are SUPER tight financially, like never before in our marriage. On top of that I recently gave notice to quit my Friday job (just wasn't working out) and pursue other things to hopefully produce a bit of income. Since Friday's are Asah's day off I plan on substitute teaching. I know, i know, subs don't get paid well and it's TOUGH, but i'm up for the challenge and getting out of the house! I also have a new client for accounting, a hair salon that just opened in town. I am excited about setting up their system and helping them out. New opportunities come up daily, which I know is GOD allowing me to continue to stay at home with Jordan.

Which brings me to my story....about how He continues to provide for us.

I had left a key to our house under the mat so that folks could come check on Josie (our cat) periodically through the week. Well, I called one of our friends from church to check on her Saturday...and she did much more than that. Asah and I came home about 9 last night to find out fridge, freezer and pantry fully stocked with groceries. Not just a few items but TONS of groceries. I was overwhelmed with the generosity. There were things that we would have never been able to afford on a usual grocery run like fun snacks and quick meals, Jordan's babyfood shelf was FULL of jars of babyfood, there were diapers in his room, even a pack of toilet paper in the bathroom. i was just amazed. Half of the things were already on my grocery list that I had made out on the drive home. God provides for our EVERY need....even oreos and cokes and mountain dew's!!!
Needless to say I met her with tears in my eyes this morning...when we get in a place where we can do this sort of thing for others...we WILL. asah and i discussed this and we both have a heart for seminary families and church planters and when we are blessed again financially we'll definitely help to support others. the body of Christ at work is a beautiful thing.

well, i'm rambling.

better get to the jordan update....

my step dad weighed him on the postal scale and he's a whopping 23.5 lbs. holy cow! he's eating like a champ and continually working on crawling. asah and i LOVE his little personality and seeing him discover new "tricks".

here he is on thanksgiving day chowing down on anything that was put in front of him.

more pics later as i get time to download them.

love to all,

the hudgins

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this week....

just wanted to post some pics before we leave for Tgiving. if you notice a lack of post over the next week and a half...never fear, we'll be back!

watching TV upside down this morning...

this one makes me laugh so hard. he was making the silliest noise when i took this and he looks HUGE!

yummy toothpaste tube....

yummy foot....and a great shot of all those choppers!

i was tickling him with my toes here....

what a difference 7 months makes....

i was amazed looking at these two pics side by side. the bottom one is jordan's 1st day at home. the second was taken just a couple days ago in the same chair, which we will retire soon. the growth is amazing to me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


check it out...
my friend jenn got J a shirt for Christmas with the Hudgins family crest on it. I thought it was cool. So Hudgins who read this...this is the family crest. i did a little research on the phrase "sans dieu rien". it is a family motto. the meaning? "Without God, nothing."

neat, huh??

Thursday, November 09, 2006

outside, feeding himself, etc.....

practicing with the sippy....

loves being outside and eating grass and leaves!!!

SO close to crawling....


NOT a fan of avacado....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

the best of month 6....

our baby is getting so big. happy 7 months tomorrow Jordan Asah!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

we just lost to kentucky.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

we went to the pumpkin patch today!

every thursday a group of mommies from our church do something with all the kids. today was SO much fun. we went to a pumpkin farm/petting zoo. Jordan loved all the animals and the pumpkins. it was SO cold today. i think the expression on his face is confusion about the weather. he's never been cold outside in his entire 7 months of life! we had a ball today....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Update on us:

we are doing great. i am LOVING being a stay at home mommy. so much so that i haven't gone out looking for clients yet. in fact i wonder how on earth i will do much more than i'm doing now...but i'm sure i can manage a client or two. we are actually trying to wait until the first of the year so we can enjoy the holidays at home with family and not have to worry about work stuff. we'll see!
asah is still enjoying being at crossroads. prayer request: we are desperately trying to get into our new building. we have put TONS of work into getting it all ready, only to have the fire marshall say there's still TONS more to do. we got a couple quotes on how much it would all cost and it's WAY out of the church's budget. please pray for favor with the landlord and on decisions that need to be made in the coming weeks. this week i was also a part of putting together the 2007 budget for crossroads...our baby church is growing but asah and i will still need to be on partial support in the coming year to meet his salary needs. please pray for faithful supporters to help us minister here in Hammond...without them we couldn't be here...doing what we are doing...

Update on who you really came to our blog to check in on:

jordan is about to get the crawling thing's a video of yesterday's efforts. at one point he got his foot/leg stuck underneath the entertainment center. i was in the kitchen and heard a yelp. poor thing could not get out.

crawling stance.....

lovin his ba ba.....

till next time,
the hudgins