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Thursday, June 29, 2006


we went to a cookout tonight hosted by a mission team from KY at the FEMA trailer park. just had to post pics of my two favorite guys and Jordan (in his 1st outfit)...he made quite the diaper at the cookout. let's just say it took 8 wipes, 2 people (mommy AND daddy), and 1 extra outfit to remedy. wow.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

without further adieu...

thanks Uncle Trent and Aunt Jaci for the cool Marines T Shirt. LOVE it!

This is Jordan's "big boy" seat....called the Bumbo. Helps with neck muscle strength. Looks like such a little man in these pics!!!

Here's one to the two granddads that farm...thought you may enjoy this one!!!!

He LOVES getting his hair brushed!

Outfit from Jonathan and Rhonda....such a little MAN!!!

didn't enjoy bathtime too much this night....or maybe it was the robe...either way, jordan wasn't the happy camper. (yes, he does cry from time to time)....:)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

conversation with a telemarketer

7:45pm as I was trying to get Jordan's bath and bottle ready:

Tara: Hello
Caller: Yes, hi, I'm from XYZ Co and would like to take brief survey
Tara: (no time to respond)
Caller: Is your dad around?
Tara: Ummmm, my dad lives in GA.
Caller: Well is the youngest male over the age of 18 there?
Tara: The youngest male in our household is 3 months old.
Caller: Well, would you have time for a brief survey?
Tara: Like I just said, I have a 3 month old.
Caller: Well, when would you have time for me to call back for a brief survey?
Tara: Maybe when my 3 month old turns 18????
Caller: Thanks, ma'am.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

update on the other two of us....

well, i finally convinced jordan to quit hogging the blog, and i figured i'd post on the other two hudgins....just kidding...i'm sure he's what our readers want to read about....but you're going to have to hear about us too, so here goes.

mommy, aka, tara starts back to work in ONE week. i have mixed feelings about this...but we gotta do it. asah enjoys ramen noodles but not every night. therefore, tara's gotta go back to work. i'll be doing something i've never done before, and am looking forward to the challenge. i'll be the financial aid administrator for a technical college. i'll also be doing the accounting there. included in those responsibilities is collections. never called folks to ask for their money. should be a blast. :)
i'll only be there 4 days/week (FRIDAYS off!) so i'll have jordan on fridays, asah will have him on Thursdays (his day off). jordan will be in daycare Mon-Wed.
i'm looking forward to spending the week with him...the final one of my maternity leave. these 3 months have been priceless, and i wouldn't trade them for anything!

daddy, aka, asah is doing great. our seminary grad has been working hard at the church now that summertime is here. Prep for moving to a new building, preaching a few sermons during the "tough questions" of the faith series, working with various mission teams that have come in, website, etc. The guy is BUSY. he is also loving being a daddy, and is wonderful at it! his special time with jordan is the nighttime (8 or 9pm) bottle and putting him to bed. he can get him to sleep so much better than i can!!! so i let him :)
he preached a wedding in GA (congrats Matt and Nicole) this weekend and i had jordan all by myself!!! while i was up for the challenge, i thanked God when Asah pulled into our drive at 2 am this morning. he is a huge help and i missed him!

well, there's an update. now, where are all our COMMENTS???? this site has been silent....and i know you are all out there. no more pics of jordan till we get some comments. JUST KIDDIN. i'd never do that.

i hope that everyone has an excellent week.

God Bless,


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a day in the life, part II

hey, it's me again. i'm 2 1/2 months old! i plan on posting often, to keep you guys updated on what i do during the day. today was so good! here is a little taste...

i just started grabbing onto stuff. mommy calls this thing a "lovie"....i like to hold it while i stare at my mobile.

see how happy it makes me??

i take my naps on "big beds"....i just do not like my crib during the day. mommy lays down with me for a few minutes and eventually i'm snoozing.

i just love when my daddy comes home from work. today he came home and flew me like an airplane. parents are silly....but i loved it.

i got to watch tv today. i've never really done that before. this dvd is called "baby mozart". i was captivated...for like 20 minutes.

glued to the TV......

well, that's all for now...i'm a busy little guy. mommy is enjoying this next week and a half with me...then i'll be in daycare 3 days a week. i'm looking forward to making new friends...but i think i may miss my mommy a little. i know she will miss me!!!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

my Liz

mommy's friend Liz came for a visit this weekend. She was at the hospital when I was born!!
She even got me to go to sleep in her arms!
I love you Liz!

happy daddy's day.....

today is special. it's father's day! here are a few pictures from this weekend.
i love you daddy!

mommy and i bought daddy a cupcake cake. for some reason she didn't have time to make one. i wonder where all her time has gone???

i really love daddy's lap. this is me right before bedtime.

i am slowly getting this whole "nap" thing down. i don't like my crib during the day....but mommy and daddy's bed sure is nice.

i love my daddy! my outfit says i'm daddy's little boy! am i cute or what?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i got new toys!

mommy got me some sweet new toys to play with. i was getting bored with my bouncy seat and swing. (way too advanced for that!) anyway, i could stare at these things all day. check me out!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i love your smile....

here's jordan's newest "thing". we love it. i could take 1000 pictures of this!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

jordan's a big boy! the DR says so.....

jordan had his 2 month appt today. poor little guy was so brave getting his shots.
here's a pic of the war wound (one of them).

they made him sleepy....he's been snoozing all day long.


12.5 lbs (asah guessed it dead on!)
24 inches long
16 in (head circumference)

75th percentile for both height and says that means he'll be TALL. yay.

nighty night,

the hudgins

Sunday, June 04, 2006

a day in the life...

some of you may wonder, what do i do all day.
well, here's a little sneak peak into a wonderful saturday in june.

i take long naps. i guess mommy caught me sleeping hard in this one.

this is what i look like after my nap. i'm quite the happy camper....especially in mommys arms.

i really like my swing...(most of the time)

taking a bottle is hard work. mommy calls the next two pictures "true contentment". this is me after downing 5 ounces.

for some reason mommy and daddy "go" a lot. here i am in my carseat making faces at mommy as we drive down the road.

this is my friend cade. our daddys work together. we met up at the park...i think it was close to my bedtime because i gave cade a big yawn.

here i am in my stroller getting ready for a walk in the park. mommy and daddy and our neighbors like to walk....mommy and reagan actually run while daddy and craig push the strollers. mommy says the reason they run ahead is to work off some "baby weight". i wonder what that means?

ahhh, the end of a long day. daddy reads me stories from "my first Bible" during story time. he says that next week we'll be exegeting the text so that I'll have a full understanding of the Scriptures.

until next time,