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Friday, March 30, 2007

the jordan report

just wanted to give an update on the little guy. today was a day of firsts.
first huge goosegg on head. he was crawling really fast, found a planter on the hearth area and thought he'd grab it, instead it flipped over and bonked him in the noggin. 100% ok, just looking a little beaten up....

first sips of whole MILK. praise the Lord formula will be a thing of the past soon. that's a $100/month RAISE for us.

first time playing with a balloon.

new tricks--

sitting on his driving toy--

that's just up until lunchtime. wow. he keeps me busy. i think i'll go take a nap while he does so i can rest up for whatever the afternoon holds!

by the way, we will have a ONE YEAR OLD a week from today. God sure has blessed us this year. We hope to see a lot of our faithful blog readers at the big Mardi Gras first birthday bash at Chehaw next Saturday :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

boys will be boys

a couple days ago jordan and i took a walk around our neighborhood (it was his afternoon fussbucket time)...anyway, we happened upon our neighbors and their two year old was making a mudpit in their front yard. i stopped to talk and jordan crawled right over to the waterhose and then into the mud. i just let him have at it. he played in the mud for an hour. in his ears, on his face, all over his body. it was hilarious. this is a pic taken afterwards but i had already wiped him off pretty good. stripped him down to his diaper and dumped him in the tub. i think it was the most fun he's ever had. hilarious. i need to mention, the two year old was a girl and daintily picked up the mud, etc but did not get that dirty. jordan wallered in it. he is such a BOY.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

to a wonderful friend...

i just received word that one of my former trainers in karate passed away on the 23rd. i just can't believe it. she was an awesome fighter, and after "googling" her name i came across dozens of articles on championships won. but i believe Erin was so much more than that. watching her with her husband and kids always let me know her priorities were to be a wonderful wife and mother. i trained with her from 2000-2002 while in college at North GA. one day i decided to take up the sport of karate, walked into the studio and i was welcomed there. i formed some great friendships and learned a lot about myself. i always hated sparring with Erin because she intimidated me, she was so good. but she taught me a lot. and i'm thankful for that. the last time i saw her was at Gold Rush in October of last year, she was working at the funnel cake booth for her church. I proudly wheeled Jordans stroller up and showed her my greatest accomplishment. she smiled a big smile, because she didn't know i was a mama. Erin, you will be missed greatly, but I know you are in heaven now. you were a true champion, and i will not forget you.

Monday, March 26, 2007

what a mess!

last night we had community night with our church family. jordan was such a mess! he crawled around in the dirt, played with pinestraw, and begged for food from everyone there. he ate so much that he threw up. as you can see from these pics, he's quite the little mess. the wet stuff all over his shirt is from when he grabbed my cup of sweet tea for a taste. he poured it all over himself. and we found out he's quite the fan of the cheesepuff....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

first easter egg hunt

we took jordan to his first egg hunt today. he did pretty well in the baby egg hunt area. there was a petting zoo, free food, etc. one of the local churches put the whole event on for the community. fun times! jordan enjoyed himself and is worn out an napping as i type. just for comparison i included a pic of him from last easter. what a difference a year makes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

recent pictures

okay folks, here's a few pics.
some are before the big move, others are of this morning. please notice that he's now "standing" all by himself. i think we will have a walker soon! yikes.
he loves his new "fridge farm" that a friend gave him for his early bday present. totally keeps him occupied while i try to cook/do dishes, etc. thanks JILL!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

home sweet chaos.

we are here. in our new home! with the internet, nonetheless. yesterday we were cooped up all day as we waited on the gas man, dish guy, and internet guy. don't you love how they say, "we'll be there from 8-12, 1-4, and 2-6. basically sit at your house all day and wait on us, ok?? so that's what we did. good thing, though. J picked up a stomach bug and was busy puking yesterday anyway. he ran a slight fever but is A-OK this morning. 1st sickness in about 4 months! record for an infant if you ask me. asah stayed home too and we all gave him lots of tlc as we waited on all the people to come set up our home.

anyway, just popped in to say we're HOME and will be posting regularly as soon as our lives are a little more settled.

love to all,
the hudgins crew

Thursday, March 15, 2007

do you ever sleep like THIS?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

how well will you do????


i got a 43. that would be 86%. guess it's not too bad. post your score in the comments section, please. no cheating.

closing is official!

amys comment on the last post prompted me to let everyone know that yes, we close soon! as in friday! we just began packing last night and luckily we have a small space so packing shouldnt take too long. we plan to TRY to get everything out on saturday. i've had folks offer to keep Jordan so this will even be possible. i can't imagine moving with our almost one year old. i'm beginning to wonder how the transition will affect J. this small apt is all he's known, and he's quite familiar with it. we'll see...he has more room to explore in the new house, his own bathroom, etc. it may take some adjusting on his part, though, to find where everything is again. like the cat bowl, the toilet, the dishes...all the things he goes straight to when we're not looking!

if this blog is neglected for awhile, it's only because we're setting up over at the new place.

love to all!

a, t, and j

Monday, March 12, 2007

big ole 11 month old

blue eyes

silly faces

mommy HOLD me!

he looks so long here. and big. again, i ask, where has this year gone?

someone has a bday coming soon. enjoy the pics from this week.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

time change, wonderful time change...

this morning jordan woke at 7 am. it was wonderful. and he should go to bed around 7pm. even better. now we can have dinner at a somewhat "normal" opposed to 4:30 or 5:00. i know a lot of folks were dreading this time change, but I for one, am thankful to congress for setting this whole thing up. 7 is SO MUCH NICER than 6. and i just thought i'd write to let everyone know!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

afternoon naps: refreshing for baby and mommy!

jordan almost always wakes up happy as a lark from his naps...just wanted to share some pics and a video i caught yesterday. he was in a SILLY mood...and i got a bit of it on video. enjoy.

sidenote: notice how LONG his hair is getting. it's hanging over his ears now. i don't want to cut it though. it's just too cute...asah may have other thoughts.... :)

Monday, March 05, 2007


sabotaging our poor 11 year old cat josie

"Jordan are you supposed to be in here?"

Friday, March 02, 2007

getting sentimental.

i've been reflecting a lot over the past year as Jordan's 1st bday approaches. may want to have tissues handy for this one.
i love my little angel!