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Sunday, March 28, 2010

easter egg hunt II

Crossroads Church Easter Egg Hunt @ North Oak Park.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun!

Very reluctant hug....
coke please...
found some ants....wait, aren't we supposed to be looking for eggs?!?
daddy opens in prayer
egg hunting time!
so over my hair!  but dont want to go short...hmmmmm.
mmm....daddy, try these jellybeans!
jordan was doing the Dora "We did it!" dance here
hotdogs and sprite.
love this kid.  dirty face and all!


Friday, March 26, 2010

easter egg hunt

we LOVE the speech clinic folks at SELU!  they work with jordan so well and he loves it there.  they were so sweet to do an egg hunt for the kiddos.  for the first time ever, jordan seemed to enjoy hunting eggs.  he also had another first...getting his face painted.  we told him it was like a sticker on his face.  he's never been interested before.  he loved looking at the star and easter egg on his face.  jax loved hanging out too.  he thinks he's one of the big kids.  his personality is hilarious and he keeps us laughing daily.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

official team jordan pic

i thought this was great.  the photographer at the walk took everyone's team photo and here's ours.  i love the way Jax is waving to the camera.  he's a hoot.  what a wonderful day that was!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

walking a mile in our shoes.

we walked a mile. but not just any mile. a mile representing hope, and a brighter future. autism is not a disease! there is no "cure".....i love what our speaker said last weekend at Parent Conference. when describing a child he worked with he said that "Pedro was a little boy with the ATTRIBUTE of Autism". many days it doesnt seem that way.....but on this Bright and Sunny First Day of Spring...with so many (800+) in support and countless friends and family who gave...I can see the attributes. There are many. These children are precious. And I am blessed to call one of them my own. I loved walking with Team Jordan. And while 4 years ago I wouldve begged NOT to be here, I am okay with being here today.

We love our J-bug! And this day was for him........

Jordan's Teacher, Ms. Tilley, walked with us!

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house party

i recently signed up on a fun little website called House Party.  you take surveys for various opportunities and if selected the company sends you tons of fun free stuff to host your own party and "market" for the particular brand.
we were selected to host a Digiorno Pizza party this month.  We took lots of cheesy "marketing shots" but had tons of fun and it really was a ton of free stuff.
We got coupons for 6 free pizza kits (came with a pizza, breadsticks and marinara sauce).  We got 15 $4.00 off coupons.  The pizzas were only $6.25 at Walmart.  Tasted pretty good too.
If you like free stuff and entertaining I highly recommend House Party.  Let me know if you get to host one!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

ducks @ zemurray park

we've started a fun tradition of saving stale bread to feed to the ducks at Zemurray park.  such a fun time and those ducks are super friendly!  sometimes jax gets hungry and eats the bread instead of feeding them.  silly guy!