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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new crib...

not a crib for jordan...but a "home" for all of us.
note: this is not our stuff. asah did a walk thru last night with our good friend that builds houses (sorta like a free home inspection)...anyway, this is the sellers stuff. we got a tentative close date of march 11!!!



our house at night

master bath (to the left is a HUGE walkin closet. praise the Lord!)

big ole tub in master bath

master bedroom. i like the windows.

dining area

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

almost 11 months...

well, it's our last month to be an "infant"...aka, baby < 1 year old.
i know EVERYONE says it, but i CANNOT believe how fast this years gone.
Here are some recent pics...
we went outside the other day cause J was was 80+ degrees! soon he'll have a YARD to play in. that will be a happy day!
other pics are of him showing off his "crocs" and playing with daddy and mommy at the park.
he also broke into a bag of carrots one day when i was letting him play in the fridge. at least he's choosing healthy snacks...

Monday, February 26, 2007


please note, asah was not beating our kid...and jordan's laughin his little head off...not screaming...for some reason J thought it was hilarious when daddy chased him....enjoy!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

BIG day

today our church votes to call Rev. Asah Hudgins as pastor. wow. please keep our family in your prayers....

please also pray for the sweet Wheeler family who leaves our church to start another in GA. here's a pic of them. if you are in the Winder, GA area and looking for a church home or to be a part of a new church start, please let me know and I'll get ya Chips info!!!

other news:

i got a job at the Restoration House (a non profit center in Hammond) as bookkeeper. 10 hours a week and onsite daycare for Jordan! perfect. I'm really thrilled for this opportunity and grateful to SHELLEY who gave me the heads up on the position and put in the good word for me....thanks! I think i start Tuesday....

house: offer accepted, closing sometime next month. SO excited. we just a have a few more items of paperwork to do, the sellers found a vacant house in TX and will be clearing out their things soon so a march close is looking good. i CAN'T WAIT to get in our home.

and a couple recent pics of J just for fun...


cranking up the a.m. tunes..

i see my shadow..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

our new house!

God answers prayers!

here's our new house....pending closing!

we made an offer after seeing it yesterday...with a few other offers on the table that day, they accepted ours! no pics of the inside but i'll be sure to post some when i get some.

we are thrilled! God is good!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

jordans 1st mardi gras

we decided to stay on the northshore and go to the covington parades on tuesday morning. good thing we did. jordan was NOT a fan! all the smiling pictures are before the parade started...the sad one is when the floats started coming and throwing beads and the noise just got to him. so we made a quick exit and had a nice lunch...maybe next year!

Monday, February 19, 2007

happy lundi gras!

aka-"day before mardi gras"....
we have been trying to make a parade or two but they are either too late at night for jordan's schedule OR we get the dates wrong (we totally missed the Hammond parade)!! tomorrow there are a couple on the northshore that we will try to make (no way we'll trek down to the quarter on Fat Tuesday)....

update on Asah's position at Crossroads-
the leadership voted last night to present Asah to the church as candidate for Pastor!
We are thrilled as this is what we have prayed for and felt called to now for months! Please pray for us as we go for pre-approval of a home loan and pray that the right house becomes available. we really really really desire a "home" in Hammond that will meet our needs! we'll keep ya posted.

pics of Jordan coming...i promise. i have a funny video to upload.
stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentines day!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chicken nugget dance


jordan has his first serious diaper rash so we've been trying to keep him diaper free (as much as feasible) to help clear it up. he LOVES naked are some pics to embarrass him when he brings home the girlfriends! HEE HEE.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

family day out!

big ole shark mouth.

looking at the sharks.

i wanna touch them!

big boat.

mommy and baby

check that out mom!

father and son...


birdies necking.

precious boy.

looking at the fishies above...

daddy and Jordan check out the aquatic life

mommy and J


gorgeous fish....

jordan was enthralled with this fountain. i love how the B&W shots capture his many expressions. he is turning into such the little man. enjoy these...i plan on framing several of them.