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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


today was gorgeous so we took our nuggets outside for an impromptu picnic.

Beanie decided to join us.
this was right after Beanie stole Jax's nugget.

time for a nap.....

the end....


20 months

today, jax is 20 months.  is it just me or does that just seem so "old" and "non-baby"?  i need to start saying he's "almost two" or "one and a half" but that seems old too...and maybe i just think he's growing way too fast...maybe it's because he really could be our last one and i dont want to think about it.  whatever the case, i have trouble with TWENTY months.
this little booger is hilarious.  he's starting talking up a storm and although it came later in his vocabulary, his new favorite word is NO! and he's well on his way to two.  i think he's fast tracking to two.  lots of attitude coming from this fella.  i think we're in for it.
here are a few pictures that showcase jax's little personality at 20 months.  he's most "out of his shell" at home.....


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Day of School

Kid, you will move Mountains!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!
(From Oh! The places You'll Go) by Dr. Seuss
Full Text here...oh, I forgot how much I love this poem!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

when did this happen?

it's your 4th birthday today, sweet boy.

but i swear, it was yesterday....and I was meeting you for the first time....

I had no idea what I was doing but it sure felt good to have you all warm, and snuggly, and safe in my arms.  And that day I knew I'd love you forever.

But seriously, not long ago we were doing this.......

Your 1st birthday party in GA....a freezing cold (think 20 degree!) April day.  And all our family and friends were there and it was a great celebration.

And then I turned around and.....

suddenly you were 2, a toddler, into everything and enjoying life!  We celebrated two with a crawfish boil (you are a true Louisiana boy!).  All your favorite Sesame Street characters were there too.  what a pretty Spring day.....

but seriously, it couldnt have been that long ago.....
that you turned three...and we had a huge Fiesta.  Such a big boy, growing in so many ways, happy to be surrounded by all your friends and family.

I guess it has been 4 years.  4 wonderful, beautiful years of being oh so blessed to call you our boy.  We are SO PROUD of you....even though some days are struggles you always shine so bright....and I am so thankful that God chose to give you to us.  I know that your 4th year will be so amazing, filled with many firsts....I cannot believe you are starting real school this year and that you wont be home with me every day.  I cant believe how tall you are growing and all the wonderful things that you can do.  I know that I'll turn around again and you'll be 5, and 10, and 18 years old....but sometimes I close my eyes and like to remember times like this......

Happy 4th Jordan.  Soar!

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

easter afternoon

Easter afternoon, after long naps, we enjoyed some yummy food (Brisket sandwiches, butter potatoes, mac n cheese, lima beans, apple crisp and ice cream) with friends!
Jordan decided he needed a helmet for his bike ride down the driveway.  I thought it was hilarious-
Jax got a ring pop in his Easter basket-it was blue, can you tell?!?!
we sure had fun playing with this pretty girl.....

and yes, after a nice bath our smurf became clean again!
beautiful Easter day!


happy Easter!


Friday, April 02, 2010

hat day

jordan put on his "G" hat the other day and i found jax in his closet trying to find him a hat to wear too.  they wore them most of the day.  sweet boys.



Give him a bucket of water and a cup....and we're talking a good hour of entertainment!