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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a "stress free" deal of the week

one of the great printable coupons floating around is for the new Johnson's "Meltaway Stress" lotion. i love the stuff. it's a lavendar scent that's perfect for rubbing on before bedtime. the $4.00 off coupons make it just about free at walmart, but this CVS deal is awesome too. You get $2 extra bucks back and priced at 4.99-5.99 this is an excellent (free) deal on some lotion.
So print this out then head to your CVS and enjoy. Your computer should let you print two if you hit "back" on your browser.
If they are out of the purple meltaway stress bottle this coupon (and the extra bucks deal) works on any of the Johnson's softlotions.

Monday, August 27, 2007

thank goodness for chef boyardee!

jordan thoroughly enjoyed lunch today....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

new york city?

a salesguy from the new york times called and asah answered.
when asked if interested in a subscription asah replied that we live in louisiana, so we dont need a new york newspaper.

good one.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

one more freebie and a story that will have you rolling on the floor

Freebie! (Free chick fil a sandwich and a coke!)
I ordered one for me, Asah, AND Jordan :)

Ebay listing of a very funny mommy-
This made me laugh so very hard.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

deal of the week plus free item of the week

in addition to a "deal of the week"...i'll post something you can get for Free as well. i love free stuff.

Free item of the week: Folgers gourmet coffee-
Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

Deal of the week: "the other" TP

Last weeks deal was for TP, Toilet paper. This week we'll focus on toothpaste. CVS has two great toothpaste deals going. Make sure you have your CVS Extracare card to get in on this bargain.
Both Mentadent and Arm and Hammer Toothpastes are 1.99 and you get an "Extra buck" back when you buy, Limit 5.

Here is a
printable coupon for $2.00 off Mentadent...making it Free plus one dollar back!!!! Mentadent was out of stock in my store, but I got a raincheck.
You can also do this with the Arm and Hammer TP, but the printable coupon is only for $1 off. Still makes the toothpaste free if you consider that you are getting an extra buck back. Here is
the site to print your Arm and Hammer Coupons. (You can print two)

alrighty, go out and get your toothpaste....and let me know if anyone got the toilet paper last week?!??! that was a good deal-

just read this somewhere, made me laugh this morning

Before you have a kid, luxury is a day in a spa. After you have a kid, luxury is having a bowel movement without someone shouting at you through the bathroom door.

Monday, August 20, 2007


jordan would not smile for me this morning...but was lookin cute in his hat so here are a few shots anyway--

Friday, August 17, 2007


this week we had a picnic with two of our couple friends (and kiddos). we went back to tickfaw state park and once again Jordan LOVED the water.

swim diaper was way too big. he also left a "surprise" while playing in the water area. i saw him really still for a few minutes and knew what to expect. not a fun cleanup.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


tara's deal of the week

okay, wanna try something new with my faithful blog readers.
for the past month i've gotten REALLY into couponing. like big time. just ask asah. but i've been able to save us 100's on grocery/personal care items that we'd be using anyway.
The trick for us is to find something on a super sale, use a coupon, get it for next to nothing and stockpile it!
We have tons of shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, detergent etc.
This weeks' fabulous deal is something we all use and love, TOILET PAPER.
So, those of you with a Walgreens nearby do this:

Print this coupon for Scott's TP.

Go to Walgreens THIS WEEK with your coupon. Scott's 4 pack on sale is $2.50 (with the ad coupon-just check up front for their ad), with the $2.00 coupons that's just FIFTY CENTS for your TP. Pretty great deal.
The link will let you print out multiple coupons if you keep hitting back on your browser and print.

Go for it, and let me know how you do!

I'll be posting my best "deal of the week" on this blog.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Sunday, August 05, 2007

new pool and shoes!

i got a bargain on a pool at walgreens (ended up being clearanced and a rebate) for $2 i got this gigantic pool. jordan can swim laps in the thing and he LOVES it. i think he'll be swimming for real by next summer. i love it cause I can get in too!

he has also grown into these new balance shoes. they are hand me downs but so adorable and he looks like such a big boy in them. lately his new thing is to go in his room, turn on the cd player, cock his head to the side and start dancing. i caught the head to the side right before the dance began. hilarious.

have a great week!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

time for an update.

whew. it's a constant whirlwind here. we keep busy between church, work, and "chasing Jordan".
things are great....God is so good.
Jordan just continues to grow, learn new words, and get quicker. He's lightning fast...does not know the word "slow" and everything he does is hardcore. We spend our days chasing him and in the evenings we are worn out.
He has a few new words these days. In the a.m.'s he goes straight to the kitchen and requests "cheese", "nana" (bananas), or Juuuuuuccccee (juice). He also knows "shoes" and will drag out each and every pair for you to put on his feet. He says "ot" when we get near a stove, iron, or walk outside (hot).
lately when i tell him "no" or "stop" he'll say those right back to me. nice.
we have our work cut out for us!
please continue to pray for us as we serve God through our church here in Hammond and as I work at the pregnancy center.
we love and miss everyone,
the hudgins

here are some pics from the lake from our visit last month. there are more but these are the ones i have for now. J loved loved loved the lake. And he relaxed like a zombie in the boat.

mommy's shirt

the other day J found one of my shirts in the laundry. he carried it around most of the day. these are some pics i took of him walking around with it on his head. he could kind of see thru it and i suppose he thought it was fun to walk around with my shirt on his head.
the boy never ever stops. not for one second.
i am slap exhausted.